Oops, it seems like we have not found any bakery in Essex County. But do not give up, we have other businesses closer to you than you think.


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Top bakeries near to this county

You know there are no bakeries in Essex County, but we encourage you to check these others in nearby counties.

Dunkin' Donuts, St Johnsbury

coffee house, restaurant

Dunkin' Donuts

473 Railroad St, St Johnsbury, VT, 05819
Eddie's Bakery & Deli, Littleton


Eddie's Bakery & Deli

231 Main St, Littleton, NH, 03561
Country Kitchen-Lepage Bakeries, Berlin


Country Kitchen-Lepage Bakeries

20 Mount Forist St, Berlin, NH, 03570
Miller's Cafe & Bakery, Littleton

coffee house

Miller's Cafe & Bakery

16 Mill St, Littleton, NH, 03561
Lancaster House Of Pizza, Lancaster


Lancaster House Of Pizza

95 Main St, Lancaster, NH, 03584
Hootenanny's Cafe & Bakery, Littleton

coffee house

Hootenanny's Cafe & Bakery

60 Meadow St, Littleton, NH, 03561
Smidgen Of Love Treats Bakery, Barton


Smidgen Of Love Treats Bakery

16 Church St, Barton, VT, 05822
Paddy Cakes & Candy, St Johnsbury


Paddy Cakes & Candy

140 Eastern Ave, St Johnsbury, VT, 05819
Le Rendez Vous French Bakery Cafe & Belgium Chclte, Colebrook

coffee house, french bakery

Le Rendez Vous French Bakery Cafe & Belgium Chclte

146 Main St, Colebrook, NH, 03576
Eddie's Bakery, St Johnsbury


Eddie's Bakery

175 Duck Pond Rd, St Johnsbury, VT, 05819