If you visit Dawson County you will be able to find a total of 5 bakeries that cover all the specialties: french bakers, breakfast places, coffee houses... We invite you to check the listings below to access detailed info of closest businesses.


Found 5 bakeries in Dawson County

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Most Popular bakeries discovered in Dawson County, NE

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Daylight Donut Shop, Cozad

donut shop

Daylight Donut Shop

132 E 8th St, Cozad, NE, 69130
Teresa's Tortilla Bakery, Lexington


Teresa's Tortilla Bakery

507 N Lincoln St, Lexington, NE, 68850
Evans Frozen Bakery, Cozad


Evans Frozen Bakery

500 W 2nd St, Cozad, NE, 69130
Pasteleria Bredi, Lexington


Pasteleria Bredi

1200 N Adams St, Lexington, NE, 68850